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A look into my DIY baby shower brunch!

A day showered in GOLD!


When I was 7 in a half months pregnant... how was I walking around in heels? God, I have no idea! I was showered with the most beautiful party I could've ever imagined. Yes, that beautiful party was my baby shower and it'll be a day I will never forget (as it should be for every new mom to be!) My baby shower was stunning, came together perfectly, and everything I had ever wanted my special day to be- think Pinterest! My shower was hosted at a beautiful restaurant in Newport Beach called "Back Bay Bistro" where they have a great Saturday and Sunday champagne brunch. I know how it typically goes, someone else plans your baby shower, they throw it for you, you walk in, and you're completely surprised. Not in my case, I did it completely "untraditional", I wanted to be part of everything. In a couple of my previous blog posts, I've talked about how much of a control freak I am- let me tell you, my baby shower really unleashed my inner "freak". I never knew I could be such a control freak until it came to planning this day, but I'm so glad I was! I wanted my baby shower to be perfect, and everything I had every imagined. I had a plan, I had hundreds of Pinterest boards, and pins to execute this baby shower perfectly.

My baby shower didn't have a theme, but if it did, it would be called "Showered in gold". Everything at my baby shower was different shades of blue, dipped in shiny gold, with a hint of silver here and there. It was light, bright, and fresh- perfect for a Saturday morning brunch. Almost everything that was at my baby shower was DIY, aside from the food, of course. Every decoration, every party favor, every table set up, every stand, everything was DIY, and I was so lucky that my mom was able to help me with all of it! God help me If I had to do it all on my own- IMPOSSIBLE! My mom and I made almost everything from scratch, we had days where we would sit in her backyard and DIY like crazy, it took forever, but the ending result was perfect.

Now that I told you a little bit about my baby shower, take a peak below and you can see how everything turned out!

Baby shower invites that went perfect with my color scheme from (you can use discount codes too!)

This photo doesn't do justice! I spent close to a month making this "Flower back drop". All of the flowers were hand made with cardstock, and tissue paper found at and Yes, it was a lot of work, but it made the perfect back drop! You can find smaller ones on Pinterest!

Mini easels dipped in sparkly gold, and an art sketch book to have as a guest book- that way everyone can get their own page! We have an ultrasound photo on the front with Andre's name which is now in his nursery. This is a great keepsake!

My "Naked" baby shower cake went perfectly with my shower. I found a baker off of a local mom group on Facebook and the Gold topper was purchased from (MommyGotTalent) It's great to support small businesses!

DIY name blocks for across the gift table. The letters are made from cardboard and can be purchased at Michaels. Cover the letters with mod podge and dip in gold!

It's always nice to have an inviting table at your showers entry! I loved having my welcome sign with an Instagram hashtag, it was great because everyone at my shower was able to use the hashtag and I was able to look back at the photos that were posted!

My party favors were my favorite to make! They took ALL night, but it was so worth it. I purchased mason jars from Target and filled them with a homemade body and hand scrub! They were a hit and smelt delicious- practically edible. My customized favor tags were purchased from a great seller on Etsy, (Kendollmade) the tags came with the twine to tie!

Another favor I loved that I had at my shower were customized and brought all the way from Lebanon. The favor was a plastic pacifier with candies inside. The tag read, "Welcome Baby Andre".

I had 60 attendees at my baby shower, and each table had 10! We had round tables, so I lined the center with different shades of blue tulle which flowed to the ground with bow ties on each side along with gold glittered mason jar center pieces of white roses and babies breath.

These balloons were the best, and added a great personal touch to my baby shower! I was able to purchase these balloons through another local mom group on Facebook.

At the end of this beautiful day, I was one overwhelmed, swollen, exhausted, but HAPPY mommy to be. I can't thank my family enough for helping me plan and throw this special day even though I was an extra control freak- thanks, hormones! To all of my friends, thank you for making the effort to come to my shower and help celebrate baby Andre, we were so happy to have you all! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my baby shower and where I got all of my DIY inspiration. If you're planning a baby shower, I hope I was able to inspire you with some fun and crafty ides. Thank you for stopping by and reading!


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