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BloomKIND BloomBaby Review...


I received a case of wipes from BloomKind BloomBaby for free in collaboration with my blog. I have never used these wipes before, and was told to be 100% honest with my review

I couldn't wait to collaborate with BloomKIND Baby Wipes! I'm more of a natural mama when it comes to items I use on my baby, so for wipes, I typically use "Water Wipes" because they're 99% water, and 1% fruit extract. I've only used two other brands of wipes with my now 12 week old- Pampers and Babyganics. I didn't like using these because I've realized my little one has sensitive skin and these wipes were just a little too strong for his little bum and FULL of active ingredients I couldn't even pronounce- Those can't be any good for his skin! When I heard about BloomKIND BloomBABY Wipes, I couldn't wait to collaborate with them! Like the Water Wipes, they are SO natural and don't contain a ton of chemicals which is great for little ones with sensitive skin like mine.


  • Purified Water

  • Olus Oil

  • Glycerin

  • Lauryl Glucoside

  • Polyglyceryl -2- Dipolyhydroxystearate

  • Glyceryl Oleate

  • Dicaprylyl Carbonate

  • Symphytum Offininale (Comfrey) Extract

  • Olea Europea Fruit (Olive Oil)

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Potassium Sorbate

Side note- Something awesome that I feel like other wipe companies should do is that BloomKIND has a list of all of their wipes active ingredients! I know, all wipes brands have this, but with the list of active ingredients, the wipe company lets you know what each of the ingredients does "purpose" and also a "Skin Safe Rating" scale for each ingredient! That way, you know what you're putting on your baby and if there are possible irritants! All of their ingredients are no risk to very minor risk which is great for all and sensitive skin babies.

First Impression

When I first received my box, I was so excited that they finally came! I loved how on the box they delivered the wipes in shows you what else you can use their wipes for! Bloomkind wipes aren't only useful for your babies bum, but they're also useful for baby, cosmetic, feminine hygiene, health & sanitizing, incontinence, and moist tissue. It's great that from the beginning, BloomKIND lets you know that the wipes are multiuse which made me even more excited to try.

The big reveal

When I opened up the brown box, I was so excited to see what the box of wipes actually looked like. BloomKind has absolutely BEAUTIFUL packaging! Their box is so inviting and has so many lovely and bright colors. On the front of the box they clarify that they are "Sensitive Wipes" with 98% Natural Ingredients. The wipes are fragrance free, naturally scented, and are safe for rash and eczema sensitive skin! PERFECT! My 12 week old suffers from Eczema, so these are another wipe that is great for my little one!s

(Actual photo of wipe box with packages pouring out)

Overall review of wipes

In the beginning when I first started to use the wipes, I was so worried that my little ones skin would react to them. The first day he had a tiny bit of redness, but it had gone away. Since then, he has had ZERO redness and they have a great effect on his skin. The BloomKIND wipes are nice because they stretch really far! (I only use 1 wipe per change!)- Unless we have a complete blow out which isn't often! The wipes can be pulled in all directions so that you're able to get great use out of them instead of having to toss after one swipe. They're so large, soft, thick, and strong! BloomKIND wipes also have a quilted texture which a lot of other wipes don't have. I feel like the quilted texture allows parents to grab more to clean up baby instead of swiping over unseen spots. Something that I like with BloomKIND over water wipes is that BloomKIND has the perfect amount of wetness. They're not too wet to where its over powering and takes a while to dry, and they're not too dry to where it won't clean anything and be rough on my little ones skin. My hands never feel wet after use and my little ones bum is always dried up incase I need to do diaper cream! They're great, and swipe over with zero ease. Okay, enough with the bragging and on with the down low... Though I love these wipes so far, there are some things that I don't like about them. Something that I don't like about the wipes is that when you pull out one wipe, two more come out at the same time to prepare you for the next wipe to take. Yes, this is GREAT for a big diaper change, but if it's a small change you have to stuff the wipe back into the package (useful, but not useful) Honestly, I'm super detailed, so this probably won't both others like how it has bothered me (insert wink face here)

I know I received these wipes for free, but I SERIOUSLY LOVE these wipes! I'm so happy and thankful to become a new customer of BloomKIND because of this partnership. I usually order my wipes online so I typically just put my go to in my cart, but If I was at a store I would definitely grab these (Target) and if online, (Amazon or Target). I feel like because the wipes are multipurpose, as a buyer, these wipes would stand out more to me. I've even caught myself occasionally grabbing a wipe just to clean up my hands! They leave my hands nice, clean, and soft- I just love that they're natural and you can have them around any room in the house, not just nursery! If you're interested in purchasing BloomKIND baby wipes, you can get them on their website at, on Amazon at, and target in store or online at!

Happy shopping, and keep those little bums clean!


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