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A Room to relax, enjoy, and decompress...

Who loves coming home to a bright, beautiful, and clean room along with a dreamy looking bed?! I know I do!

This blog post should really be titled "From Rags to Riches" because the change in our room is absolutely incredible. This past Christmas, my husband and I agreed that we were going to get ourselves a brand new bedroom set!- seriously, we REALLY needed It. Our previous room had old furniture and decor from my husband- it was old and had run it's course. The furniture was old, brown, and breaking and made our room look small, and dark. I couldn't wait to start shopping for furniture once we agreed that it was going to be a great gift for us. Even the smallest change would make the biggest difference. I had a plan and I was going to stick to it (no suggestions please!) The plan was to have all light colors- white and grey, baby! I knew with having a smaller bedroom, having light colors was going to allow our room to look bright and appear to be much larger than it was (oh, and look fresh!) I knew it was going to look beautiful no matter what.

I absolutely LOVE the way our new bedroom turned out. It really came out to look just as I imagined- Just like my pinterest board (Insert laughing emoji here) It's funny what a beautiful room that you love can do. You want to go upstairs earlier, keep it clean, and really take care of everything inside of it. Having a beautiful room to come home to really makes a big difference! Below, I'm going to post photos of our room with where we purchased items from along with the prices. Happy reading!

Bed frame:

We purchased our bed frame from Living Spaces. After checking

out a few other stores, I knew this was the one... it was beautiful, classy, and elegant! Our previous frame was brown wood and while looking for a new set, I know I wanted soft material. Having a soft material bed frame looks absolutely stunning. This frame is great quality, soft, and durable- It was expensive, but the quality definitely shows! I love how the head board is high, and is so soft and comfortable, which is GREAT for when I'm breastfeeding!

Madeline California King Upholstered Panel Bed


Nightstands & Dresser:

Nightstands- Since we couldn't find side tables and a dresser that matched with our bed frame and over all theme, we decided to purchase a set from Ashley Furniture HomeStore. This set was SO beautiful, and I knew they would look stunning in our room. It was as if these items were our bed frames perfect match! The side table and dresser are silver and a have a gold tone tint to them. They are so beautifully detailed- each drawer has a bumpy texture for a great contrast of Faux Shagreen, and the handles of the drawers are decorated with lovely bejeweling which add a beautiful flare! The dressers have 3 drawers which is great because there's room for everything! Top drawer for baby, middle drawer for my breast pump and supplies, and bottom drawer for me. But more importantly, no clutter at the top!

Caralayne Nightstand


Dresser- Our dresser is the exact match to our two side tables! The only difference is that the dresser provides five large drawers with three of them being "Extra deep", and the bottom is mirrored, which adds a beautiful touch and rich touch. Something that I really like about our dresser is that on each side of the dresser on the bottom there's a deep small drawer! This drawer is great because it resembles a lingerie drawer where I'm able to keep all of my nursing bras and tanks.

Coralayne Dresser



While purchasing our new bedroom set, I would've never thought nightstand lamps would be so expensive! I looked everywhere for our perfect match, but primarily online. I never would've thought that decent looking nightstand lamps would cost between $90-$150. I checked Amazon, Wayfair, Living Spaces, Ashley and the only think I could find that I actually liked were all about $90! (WAY too expensive for a nightstand light) Luckily, my parents had just purchased a set of lights from Costco which I knew would look great with our set. Best part, they were $70 for two! I sent my husband over to Costco right away, these lamps look great with our room!

Costco Nightstand Lights (2)


Throw Blanket:

This blanket means a lot to me as it was the blanket my parents bought me while I was going through our miscarriage. For the people who know me well, they know that I LOVE blankets. Yes, I'm a blanket hoarder! This blanket is absolutely perfect. The blanket is so soft and fluffy... the blanket is perfect to cuddle and snuggle with on a cold night! with My parents purchased this beautiful throw from Z Gallerie about two years back, I'm not sure if it's still there, but totally worth the check!

Z Gallerie Throw


Area Rug:

Along with nightstand lamps being on the pricy side, so are area rugs! I knew I wanted one that was light and bright and had a modern feel to it. Like the nightstand lamps, I checked Amazon, Wayfair, and Living Spaces, but I thought I could definitely find something decent without having to pay 4-$500 for an 8x10 area rug! While hubby and I were at target purchasing some items, I decided to check the home decorations department, and there I found it, THE EXACT same rug I wanted from Wayfair! Instead of paying $500 we were able to purchase the rug for more than half the price. Thank you, Target!

Threshold Area Rug



We purchased our bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond, It was a great deal and it looks great on our bed! I didn't do much looking in regards to our bedding, but when I saw this one, I knew it was going to be a great match! It's beautiful, loose, and decorative without being too over powering. The bedding came as a bed in a bag which was 7 pieces (two shams, three decorative pillows, comforter, and bed skirt) This bedding would look great in any room!

Sidney Comforter Set in White


I love how our room came out to be beautiful, modern, and elegant. There's nothing better than to come home to a room that is so bright and welcoming. If you don't enjoy the look of your bedroom like I did, I hope this lifestyle post was able to inspire you to make a change. Even the smallest thing can make the difference in being able to relax, enjoy, and decompress in a place you should love! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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