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The godsend diaper bag- "Be Prepared" JuJuBe

Watcha gonna do with all that junk?


Oh my gosh do I absolutely LOVE my diaper bag! I knew I was going to get this diaper bag from the minute I saw it at Buy Buy Baby. As part of my baby shower gift, my mom and dad bought me the JuJuBe B.F.F. Diaper bag. I loved it, but I could't imagine myself using it as a backpack, and thought I could benefit with something a little larger since hubby and I love to vacation. After deciding we needed something larger, I set my eyes on the JuJuBe "Be Prepared" Diaper bag in the polka a dot color (The Duchess). IT WAS ADORABLE, and I had to have it! I ordered it online as they didn't have the larger bag in store and couldn't wait for it to come. 4 days later, it was finally here! It was like I was a kid in the candy store and opening up presents on Christmas morning. If I could've worn it as a day to day bag while pregnant, I probably would've

To me this diaper bag is the lux of the lux- It's beautiful, sleek, versatile, neutral, and hubby doesn't mind wearing it either! The diaper bag retails for $200 and can be purchased at JuJuBe, Nordstrom, and Buy Buy Baby! The "Be Prepared" diaper bag isn't for a mamma who is looking for something lightweight for a couple of items. In that case, I would recommend the JuJuBe B.F.F. diaper bag (which can also be worn as a backpack) The "Be Prepared" bag is great for someone who prefers something large, a lot of pockets and compartments, has multiple children, and someone who enjoys over nighters and traveling

The JuJuBe "Be Prepared" diaper bag has pockets and compartments galore! You have room for almost everything under the sun, it's great for a little hoarder like myself (insert wink face here)

This incredible bag features:

  • A large mommy pocket in the front

  • A thick memory foam changing pad that matches the bag theme

  • Picture pockets to keep photos of family and your littles

  • Two large insulated pockets on each side of the bag which is perfect for keeping liquids both warm and cold (so convenient for mommy's breast milk!)

  • Tote handles can be tucked into the bag to wear it as a shoulder bag

  • Stain repellent material

  • Gold hardware (who doesn't love a little black & gold?!)

  • Crumb drains on both sides of the bag... sorry messy kids, no sand here!

  • Quiet magnets for insulation closures

  • Adjustable & removable shoulder straps

  • Full enclosure zipper from side to side for a complete layout of the bag to fully see whats inside

  • Extra mesh pockets on the inside for everything you can imagine

When I look at my bag in comparison to others I was checking out, nothing compares! This bag has everything a new mamma and experienced mamma would ever need. I love how I can fit everything inside and never be worried if I'm going to be low on capacity. Having an over nighter? No problem! Pack as many extra items as you need. Going on an airplane? No problem! You can bring items for yourself, toys, and everything for baby! I highly recommend this bag to any expectant mother or if you're planning on purchasing a diaper bag for someones baby shower. Whoever it is, they will LOVE it and be so thankful for it.

Xo Pardon my Baby

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